Your Security Is What We Are All About

For homeowners, your home is your castle. For business owners, commercial properties may represent your livelihood. For municipalities, schools, and religious facilities, you have obligations to your employees, wards, or congregations to keep things running smoothly. Protecting all of these is a necessity. However, you can’t be there every moment. Loss in any case can be catastrophic, traumatic and often expensive. Don’t leave things to chance. When you are ready to install a security system, you don’t want a cookie-cutter solution. S.W. Alarms is a locally owned security company that has installed hundreds of custom alarm systems in Eastern Massachusetts over the past 40 years.

When you select S.W. Alarms, your installers are the same specialists who will service your security system. Since we have a stake in your well being from the beginning, we make sure it is done right the first time. Many of our customers have remained faithful to us for several generations because we are responsive to their every concern.

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“All it takes is one break-in and your life has changed permanently. This is what happened to us. I have had the pleasure of having S.W. Alarm install our alarm systems in all the properties that we have lived in as well as in the spec houses that we built in the past 30 years. It took just one break in to act. Steve has done excellent work and has always responded in a timely manner to any problems that I have had. He is a trustworthy young man. When he has to fix something, giving him my codes is no problem if I cannot be there myself, There are many companies that will give you a cut-rate price, but you will get what you pay for. Cost is not always the best avenue. It is service. He is great.”
– Edith Frye
Frye Agency
Braintree, MA